Inovativ LDK 001 Lite DigiTech Kit with DigiShade

Inovativ LDK 001 Lite DigiTech Kit with DigiShade
Article number:G01747
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  • Lite DigiTech Kit with DigiShade Universal for Apple 13” include both the Digibase & DigiBracket, 2 - Laptop Clamps, 2 - Accessory Clamps and adds DigiShade Universal, DigiLegs, DigiHanger, and DigiMouse Pad
Manufacturer Inovativ
Material Aluminum
Color Black
Package included 1x DigiPlate Lite, 1x | DigiClamps - Laptop Universal, 1x DigiClamps - Accessory Universal, 1x DigiShade Lite, 1x DigiMouse Pad, 1x DigiLegs, 1x DigiHanger, 1x DigiBracket,
The Lite DigiTech Kit, is a combination of our top tier Lite DigiSystem products. The combination of DigiSystem products included in this kit allow for a multitude of different laptop workflows. Be compact or expand your system based on the demands of the job. Whatever it may be, the Lite DigiTech Kit gives you the ability to lockdown the critical tools needed for the most demanding workflows in one ultra portable system.