The Scout NXT is INOVATIV’s newest equipment cart. It uses our fully collapsible tool-free design but is priced substantially less than its EVO sibling. The NXT does not include our height-adjustable shelving or the EVO’s premium wheel system, but the NXT is still fully collapsible without the use of tools and takes only minutes to assemble.

We’ve taken the specially made, time consuming, and hand crafted items that were developed for the EVO and replaced them with simplified parts. This enabled us to reduce our cost in manufacturing thus reducing the retail price.

The Scout NXT is manufactured using the same very best lightweight premium materials used on all INOVATIV carts. Constructed of 5052 and 6061 aluminum, composite material and stainless steel hardware, the NXT is built tough. In fact we’ve increased the wall thickness of the up-right stanchion tubes specifically for the NXT to make it stronger. The Scout NXT is slightly heavier at 72lbs for the 37 and an estimated 82lbs for the 42. With the portability and slim profile of the Scout NXT, you can easily collapse and transport the cart in the back of a compact car, small SUV or simply just save space.

Our customers love the Scout EVO and this is why throughout the life of a Scout NXT you can upgrade to the EVO’s premium wheel system and SLAS shelving system at anytime. The NXT is outfitted with the necessary holes to be sure the upgrades can be bolted on effortlessly.

The Scout NXT is equipped with generic steel casters in  8” size for the Scout 37 NXT and 10” size for the Scout 42 NXT. They are easily removable and pack away into the carts internal space when collapsed.

Scout NXT

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  1. Inovativ SN 037 Scout NXT 37

    Inovativ SN 037 Scout NXT 37

    Article number:G01783
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  2. Inovativ SN 042-01  Scout NXT 42

    Inovativ SN 042-01 Scout NXT 42

    Article number:G02188
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  3. Inovativ SN 037-01  Scout NXT 37

    Inovativ SN 037-01 Scout NXT 37

    Article number:G02187
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