Porta Brace AO-2XB Audio Organizer, Multiple Setups, Large, Black

Porta Brace AO-2XB Audio Organizer, Multiple Setups, Large, Black
Article number:G00021
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  • Large Self Contained Unit
  • Hard Plastic Padded Frame
  • Extra Storage Space
  • Large Receiver Pouch
  • Transmitter Pouches
  • Flask Pouch
Manufacturer Portabrace
Type Audio
Bag Yes
Dimension exterior (LxWxH) 38.74 x 20.96 x 22.86 cm
Dimension interior (LxWxH) 38.1 x 13.34 x 20.32 cm
Material Nylon, Vinyl
Color Black
Weight (gr.) 1500
Package included 1x CARA-BRNZ Carabiner & Flashlight, 4x DIV-5X3 3"" Copper Divider, 1x HB-15 Shoulder Strap, 1x PS-6a Velcro Cable Wrap, 6"", 2x DIV-5X14CORR Corrugated Dividers
The PortaBrace AO series organizer is a large, self contained case made for audio field mixers and recorders. The larger dimensions of the bag offer plenty of storage options and also ample room for multiple receivers. The main structure of this Portabrace bag is made from hard plastic paneling covered in durable padded Cordura fabric, this combination of materials create a strong and ridged frame that offers great protection to the users equipment. Any extra equipment can be stored in the large front pocket of the case. Both sides of the AO series bag are fully detachable side panels that allow easy access to all mixer inputs and outputs. Located on both exterior sides of the bag are transmitter hop pouches and also one large zip able flask holder. This bag is the perfect solution for large multiple receiver situations.