Porta Brace BK-3BLCL Modular Backpack, Black

Porta Brace BK-3BLCL Modular Backpack, Black
Article number:G00059
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  • Case can be positioned horizontally or vertically by rotating the straps
  • Customize with modular pocket system
  • Designed for professionals
  • Large interior storage space
  • Modular design for greater customization
  • Rigid frame protection
  • Video and audio in one case
Manufacturer Portabrace
Type Production gear
Bag Yes
Dimension exterior (LxWxH) 50.80 x 40.64 x 27.94 cm
Dimension interior (LxWxH) 46.99 x 36.83 x 20.32 cm
Color Black
Weight (gr.) 1500
Package included 1x BK-3BOX Backpack Box Module, 1x BK-HS Backpack Harness, 1x BK-LPM Laptop Module
This backpack comes with our generic shoulder straps and a detachable two pocket module. The harness is for short haul, brief periods of carry, the harness can be upgraded to the AH-3H-MEMS extreme hardness. The two pocket modular component for the main compartment fits on front. The main compartment (padded with hollow core plastic frame construction) can be oriented either vertically or horizontally, to best fit the camera equipment that you own and the divider planks keep things neatly organized. A large soft stuff sack is included, too. For additional modular cases see: (BK-LPM) Front Laptop Pocket Module, (BK-RBM) Removable Battery Module, (BK-TQM) Tripod Quiver Module.