Porta Brace CC-HD2ORB Quick Draw Case

Porta Brace CC-HD2ORB Quick Draw Case
Article number:G00167
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  • Durable, telescopic handle
  • Haul camera and accessories in one case
  • Quality, long-lasting materials
  • Smooth-rolling, off-road wheels
  • Strong, solid-steel axle
Manufacturer Portabrace
Type Camera
Bag Yes
Material Foam, Nylon, Vinyl
Color Black
Weight (gr.) 1500
Package included 1x CARA-BRNZ Carabiner & Flashlight, 4x CC-STUFFERCamera Case Stuffer Pillow, 1x CLS CLS STRAP CUSTOM ORDER (NO RETURN), 1x WBCWhite Balance Card
Equipment covered Shoulder cameras
Wheels Yes
The new CC-HD2ORB is a rolling Quick Draw Camera case for a full size BROADCAST camera and tripod combination. Easier to navigate gear through narrow doorway and elevators in one safe easy trip. A tough, light weight frame protects all sides including a wide viewfinder guard space for most battery and lens lengths. Outside pockets for spare battery, cable, and some matte boxes help organize the gear. A removable, modular 17" laptop case can be used separately for field editing. Inside is a Slip-Not bottom, fabric covered padded blocks that assure a nice firm camera fit. A great case for Camera Body Armor and Shoulder Case camera covers. Extra height allows for many on board lights, tripod plates, wireless microphones and more. The interior width including the viewfinder guard is 12.5 inches, without including the width of the viewfinder guard the case is 9.25 inches wide.