Porta Brace DCO-3R Digital Camera Organizer, Rigid Frame, Black, Large

Porta Brace DCO-3R Digital Camera Organizer, Rigid Frame, Black, Large
Article number:G00250
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  • Interior Illumination Light Pocket For Dim Conditions
  • Leave your DSLR assembled for Shoot Ready Access
  • Narrow to Wide Design to Accomodate Matte Boxes
  • Pouches for Various Accessories
Manufacturer Portabrace
Type Camera
Bag Yes
Dimension exterior (LxWxH) 63.5 x 38.1 x 33.02 cm
Dimension interior (LxWxH) 45.72 x 29.2 x 25.4 cm
Material Nylon
Color Black
Weight (gr.) 1500
Package included 1x CARA-BRNZ Carabiner & Flashlight, 2x CC-STUFFER Camera Case Stuffer Pillow, 1x CS-B9 Cam-Corder Stuff Sack, 1x DVO-RP3R Copper Pillow, 1x HB-1040 Suede Shoulder Strap, 1x PB-4LCS 4"" Padded Lens Cup - Silver Tab, 1x PB-812IP Padded iPad Carrying Pouch
Equipment covered Compact Camcorders and DSLR Cameras
The DCO-3R has a special design that widens towards the front of the case in order to fit a camera assembled with a matte box and follow focus. The DCO-3R Camera Case has a padded, hollow-core rigid frame that provides maximum protection for your equipment while remaining lightweight. The case exterior is constructed using durable Cordura material (1000-denier). There are soft suede-leather carrying handles and a comfortable heavy-duty suede shoulder strap. The DCO-3R comes with a heavy-duty, suede leather shoulder strap, CS-B9 Pouch, PB-812 Pouch, PB-LCP-4 Lens Cup, 2 Positionable Stuffer Blocks, White Balance Card, and camera tie-down strap.