Porta Brace HB-40SSCAM-C Shoulder Strap, Super Strap, Metal Clips

Porta Brace HB-40SSCAM-C Shoulder Strap, Super Strap, Metal Clips
Article number:G01465
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  • Extra-comfortable, thick padding
  • Large zippered pocket for accessories
  • Attaches directly to camera posts
  • Non-skid shoulder grip
  • Reflective side panels for safety
Manufacturer Portabrace
Type Other
Bag Yes
Material Nylon
Color Black
Weight (gr.) 1500
Package included 1 x SuperStrap, 2 x Camera clips (clip to camera posts)
Equipment covered ENG and compact camcorders
The HB-40SSCAM-C Super Strap™ is the ideal strap solution for heavy camera or equipment loads. Ultra-Thick Padding & Non-Skid Base The strap interior is made of a 1.5-inch (3.81 cm) thick, heavy-duty ultra-comfort foam. This extra-thick padding provides more comfort than traditional straps. The SuperStrap™ has a layer of non-skid rubber material along the underside where the strap meets the shoulder. This layer helps prevent the strap from slipping or moving around on your shoulder when carrying heavy loads. Storage Pocket There is a long zippered pocket on the top of the strap for convenient storage of a cell phone, identification, cables, or other small accessories. Durable Nylon & Reflective Side Panels The SuperStrap™ is constructed of tear-resistant nylon fabric and strong stitching techniques. There is a layer of reflective silver material on each side-wall. The high-visibility reflective surface offers an important safety feature when operating a camera at night or near a road or traffic. SuperStrap reflective shoulder strap CAM-C Version Camera Clips The HB-40SSCAM-C version of the SuperStrap™ comes with steel camera clips that clip directly to most built-in camera posts. The clip fits over the post and then slides down into a secure “locked” position. A strong, flexible steel cover rests on top of the connection to reinforce the secure connection.