Porta Brace PB-2300F Hard Case, Foam Interior, Airtight, XS, Blue

Porta Brace PB-2300F Hard Case, Foam Interior, Airtight, XS, Blue
Article number:G00398
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  • Unbreakable, high-strength TTX01 shell
  • Lifetime limited replacement warranty
  • 10-20% lighter than other popular brands
  • Air-pressure relief valve
  • Temperature rating = -40 to +176°F
  • Double-hinged locking system
  • Super-soft rubber handle grips
Manufacturer Portabrace
Type Other
Case Yes
Dimension exterior (LxWxH) 33.5 x 29 x 15.5 cm
Dimension interior (LxWxH) 30.5 x 23 x 13.7 cm
Material Plastic
Color Blue
Weight (gr.) 1500
Package included 1x Cubed Foam Interior
The PB-2300F Hard Case with foam interior is a watertight, high-performance hard resin case for video, audio, and photographic equipment transportation and protection. It is watertight and airtight with a pressure relief valve, easy to operate latches, and a comfortable hand grip. The patented resin material is lighter than many comparable brands, which helps reduce fatigue and shipping costs.The PB-2300F is constructed with a high-performance hard-resin material reinforced at the corners. The PB-2300F is ideal for GoPro or other action cams, audio, and photographic equipment. Certifications -ATA (Air Transport Association) 300 rated -IP67 Military specification for protection against dust and against the effect of immersion between 15cm and 1.0 m -STANAG 4280 is a NATO specification for high and low temperatures for extended periods of time (up to 131° Fahrenheit for 48 hours and as low as -4.0° Fahrenheit for 16 hours) -DS 81-41 (military-grade)